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PostScript, or PS for short, is a printer control language — that is, a programming language with commands that are used to describe what a printed document should look like. When such a document is sent to a PostScript-capable printer (or just “PostScript printer’), that will print out the document the way the commands describe it should be. Viewers exist that can open PostScript files for display on computer screens as well. PostScript files cannot normally be edited.

Portable Document Format (PDF) is a development of PostScript to make it more suitable for use on computers, and has largely supplanted it since the middle of the 1990s for that purpose.

Opening PostScript Documents

Most computers can't open PostScript files directly. Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and Photoshop Elements can, as can Adobe Acrobat.

On macOS, the Preview application that comes with the computer can also open PostScript files — just double-click the file in the Finder. However, in practice it is not able to open all these files.

Printing PostScript Documents

In order to print out a PostScript document, if you have a PostScript printer, you can send the file to the printer directly. Otherwise, first open it in a program that can view PostScript files, and then click on the File menu. Next, choose the Print option from that menu.