Plastic Warriors · Microsoft Word 6.0 & Word 97

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Microsoft Word format is a type of file that is used by the word processor in Microsoft Office. Graphics are included in the file, but fonts are not; because of this you may need to find the correct fonts before printing out the file. Word documents can be edited in many word processors.

Opening Word Documents

Word 6.0

Files marked as being for Word 6.0 will open in any version of Microsoft Word released in or after 1994, both for Windows and Mac OS. Most other word processors should also be able to open these documents, including Apple Pages, Corel WordPerfect and

Word 97

These are slightly different from the Word 6.0 files, and so may not open correctly in that version of Word. Any version from 97 on should open them correctly, however, as should most other word processors.

Printing Word Documents

In order to print out a Word document, first open it in a typical word processor, and then click on the File menu. Next, choose the Print option from that menu.


A problem with Microsoft Word is that it has a tendency to repaginate its documents, which can cause problems with text flowing onto pages where it should not be. For example, the last few lines of a page may end up on the next page, distorting the layout. This is typically caused by missing fonts and a different printer being installed on your system than on the computer the file was originally made on.

If you do not have the right fonts, finding them should not be a major problem: if you look at the fonts used in the text, you can probably locate them with a search engine.

The printer is a larger problem, because if you were to install drivers for the right printer (an HP DeskJet 520 would be your best bet with Plastic Warriors net.books, incidentally), you probably do not have that type of printer in the first place, so you would not be able to print after all.

The best solution is to go through the file systematically, checking every page to see if things appear to be out of place, fixing those, and only then printing out the document.